The Houston Hispanic Architects & Engineers, Inc. (HHAE)

HHAE was established in 1983, is an association of Professional Architects and Engineers operating as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Texas.

The objectives of HHAE are to organize and unite in fellowship the architects and engineers of the Houston Metropolitan Area; to combine their efforts so as to promote the scientific and practical development of the professions; to promote economical growth among the Members of the association; to advance the standard of the architectural and engineering sciences and the art of planning and constructing; to coordinate the construction industry and the professions of architecture and engineering to insure the advancement of the living standards of its Members through their improved environment; and to make the professions an ever-increasing service to society.

Since its inception, HHAE has grown to its present membership, which is composed of the majority of the Hispanic Architectural and Engineering firms in the Houston area. Disciplines such as Civil Engineers, Architects, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Traffic Engineers and Surveyors are well represented.

Our members are very active in their professional organizations as well as in many community activities in their desire to provide services toward the cultural endowment of our community.

This WEB SITE offers more information about HHAE. We hope that this information will help you get better acquainted with our organization.


The Board of Directors

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Elizabeth Byrd - 2022 President

Claudia Alanis Harris

President 2024

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David Garza, P.E.













Elizabeth Byrd, P.E.

Gabriel Odreman, P.E.

Morena Arredondo, P.E.

Ahmed Valdez, P.E.

Ruben Calderon, P.E.

Flor Canahuati, P.E., CFM

Ricardo Martinez, P.E.

Patricia Frayre, P.E.

Enrique Morales

Linda Camacho, AIA

Rosa Alvarez, P.E.

Mackrena Ramos, P.E.

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